Weather is quite bad here in Zürich but well, I don't mind too much as I'll be attending Jazoon, THE java dev conference in Europe. I'll be blogging mainly for my employer but I'll tweet a lot, stay tuned :

Right now, opening keynote by James Gosling ! Edit 12:10 James Gosling's keynote was excellent, presenting shocking numbers and funny projects, in a nutshell :

  • 10 billions Java enabled devices in the world (yes billions)
  • 15 millions downloads of the JRE Java Runtime Environment a week
  • 6 millions Java developpers

Projects mentioned, built on Java (of course) :

  • brazilian healthcare system
  • hadron collider in Geneva
  • the Oyster card (London tube pass system)
  • project transforming a 6000 pounds lincoln car into an electric car, power management done by Java o' course

Then James did a little demo of the 2 ground breaking features of Java EE6, annotated servlets and EJB injection in servlets. I knew already about it, but it remains extremely handy and simplifies the EE development a great deal !

The talk closed with a little Java FX note and the future of computers, heading to massively parrallel computing instead of increasing GHz on single cores.

Afternoon sessions i attended were "RIA, security broken by design" and "JSF and Ajax @ Credit Suisse", quite obvious for the second one !
The RIA session was mostly about demoing XSS attacks and why using a framework is a good idea to enhance the security, nothing much. On the other hand, the CS-Jsf and Ajax session by Micha Kiener was extremely interesting and will hopefully impact my daily work as of Q3 2009. (Wait a minute Q3, really?).

Jazoon updates are starting to pop all around the blogosphere, in french even...Great !