Parameters: Parameters are sent by a html form: e.g.:

<form action="get" action="xyz"> <input type="text" name="title"> </form>

This form will set a Parameter named "title" with the value inserted to the text-field.

To get the Parameter you use request.getParameter("title") inside your servlet.

Attributes: a) Session Attributes: Session Attributes are stored as long as the session related to the user is valid (not timed out or invalidated) Session Attributes are set (and get) inside your servlet or jsp. e.g.:

request.getSession().setAttribute("title", "ABC"); Object o = request.getSession().getAttribute("title");

b) Request Attributes: Request Attributes could be used to transfer a value to the next servlet/jsp that handles a request. Request Attributes are set (and get) directly on the request object. e.g.:

request.setAttribute("title", "ABC"); Object o = request.getAttributes("title");

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