A propos d'un logiciel proposé gratuitement sans engagement de la part de l'auteur. Celui-ci se permet de préciser un peu ce qui peut arriver, et c'est drôle 8-)

'They (les logiciels en question) may not work. They may not even install. They may make your monitor explode in a shower of glass. EVEN LCDs, WHICH DON'T CONTAIN ANY GLASS! (ed. I've now been told LCDs are not plastic, but do, in fact contain glass, but the point remains!) They may make your children grow horns, and cause the people in your neighborhood to explode spontaneously while doing the Macarena. They will rip out your eyeballs, and eat your soul with a really dull spoon, laughing and cackling while forcing Cheerios up your nose. They will make your intestines explode in a rain of confetti, while evil clowns bite your feet.'

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